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We specialize in difficult and new power ultrasonics applications.

Sonotrode Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • Ultrasonic Liquid Processing:  High Power Ultrasonic processors can produce dense cavitation with strong acoustic streaming that will provide excellent shear and mechanical mixing for dispersion, emulsions, diffusion, and can make rapid chemical reactions.
  • Ultrasonic Extrusion / Ultrasonic Assisted Extrusion: Application of ultrasonic vibration energy on an extrusion die or mandrel can significantly change extrusion conditions including die pressure (e.g. 20% to 70% reduction) through a combination of friction reduction and modified material properties. In many cases when sufficient energy is applied additional benefits such as mixing and dispersion of additives and nanoparticles in the flowing materials can be achieved. Such changes can result in significantly improved production output, material properties and finish. For more information visit our web page dedicated to our Ultrasonic Extrusion applications and equipment.
    • Ultrasonic Polymer Extrusion
    • Ultrasonic Tube Extrusion
    • Ultrasonic Glass Extrusion
    • Ultrasonic Food Extrusion
  • Ultrasonic Drawing / Ultrasonic Assisted Drawing: When Ultrasonic vibrations are applied to a drawing die or calibration die the drawing forces can be significantly reduced through a combination of friction reduction and to a lesser extent some plastic deformation. Benefits include improved production output, improved die life, and improved surface finish. For more information visit our web page dedicated to our Ultrasonic Drawing applications and equipment.
    • Ultrasonic Tube Drawing
    • Ultrasonic Wire Drawing

Hand-Held Peening Tool

Robotic Mount
Ultrasonic Hammer

  • Ultrasonic Impact Peening Systems: This is our third generation design based on 10 years experience in ultrasonic Impact Peening equipment development. Our systems can be adapted to a wide range of applications and customized to meet individual client requirements. For more information visit our web page dedicated to our Ultrasonic Impact Peening applications and equipment.  Example Applications:
    • Weld Joint Treatment
    • Offshore Oil FSO & FPSO Vessels and Drilling Rig – Life Extension
    • Wind Turbine Tower – Life Extension
    • Rail Structures – Weld Fatigue Strengthening – – Life Extension
    • Ultrasonic Hammer Peening for Tool & Die Polishing and Hardening
    • Abrasion Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Fatigue Life Extension, Increased Hardness


  • Ultrasonic Atomizing: Offers spherical particles, production of narrow particle size range, micrometer size (e.g. 5 µm to 100 µm) is frequency dependent and can be customized for client needs, and it offers a no/low pressure option with low over spray.


 Ultrasonic Cutting (Rotating Robotic Mount)

Ultrasonic Cutting
(Rotating Robotic Mount)


  • Ultrasonic Cutting, Knife, Slicing: High frequency blade edge vibrations cansignificantly improve cutting efficiency. On many materials you can expect cleaner cuts with less smearing and tearing on soft materials, faster cutting speed, and extended blade edge life.
    • Ultrasonic Food Cutting – horizontal guillotine blades, vertical slicing blades.
    • Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting.
    • Ultrasonic Foam Cutting.
    • Industrial material cutting.


  • Ultrasonic Injection Molding and Ultrasonic Casting:
    • Ultrasonic Plastic Injection
    • Ultrasonic Metal Injection & Casting
    • Ultrasonic Ceramic Injection & Casting
    • Ultrasonic Ceramic Casting
    • Ultrasonic Glass Casting
    • Ultrasonic Glass Drawing & Fiber Optic Drawing
  • Ultrasonic Material Mixing & Alloying:
    • Ultrasonic Metal Mixing & Alloying
    • Ultrasonic Plastic Mixing & Alloying
  • Ultrasonic Precious Metal Recovery
  • Ultrasonic Super Critical Carbon Dioxide (SCCO2) extraction or cleaning systems
  • Ultrasonic Wastewater Processing
  • Ultrasonic Filtration & Filter Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Food Processing
    • Ultrasonic Emulsifying
    • Ultrasonic Extraction
    • Ultrasonic Atomizing and Powders
    • Example Research Projects include
      Ultrasonic Peening Tool

      Ultrasonic Peening Tool

      • Ultrasonic Wine Aging
      • Ultrasonic Chocolate Tempering (Crystal Seeding)
      • Ultrasonic Food Freezing
      • Ultrasonic Assisted Freeze Drying
  • Ultrasonic Sieving & Screening
  • Ultrasonic Peening – Weld Peening for Life Extension and Stress Relief
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Welding


European Commission Projects – SME Partner in FP7 Research Projects:

  • UltraChoc – Ultrasonic Chocolate Tempering
  • UltraFineWine – Accelerated Wine Aging
  • MiniCrystal – Ultrasonic Freezing Technology
  • UltraVeg – Ultrasonic Food Drying


Please contact us about your application and we will be happy to assist you.