Aktive Arc Ultrasonics offers a wide range of standard and customized high power ultrasonic products to meet most any requirement. Be sure to see our Applications page to see examples of custom equipment developments.

  • High Power Ultrasonic Generator SystemsUSGen1b
    • Standard from 100 watts to 4,000 watts, higher power on custom order.
    • Standard frequencies 20 kHz, 25 kHz, 30 kHz, 35 kHz, 40 kHz, 52 kHz, 60 kHz. Other custom frequencies options available on demand.
    • Adaptable to custom requirements for On/Off control and power output condition.
    • Auto-Tuning Frequency Tracking capabilities for optimum process conditions.
    • Programmable Frequency Start ±500 Hz (typical) allows adapting to special conditions.
  • Flex  Frequency “Wide-Band” Ultrasonic Generator – Special Purpose
    This line of flex-frequency generators uses a MFG300-1bproprietary modulation and feedback sensing technology to stimulate sonic and ultrasonic activity across a wide-band (15 kHz into the 900 kHz range) in irregular shaped mechanical systems. Using standard transducers it easily adapts to large or un-tuned mechanical systems and thick walled chambers. We can now expand the use of ultrasonic to new applications that were previously difficult or impossible.
  • Ultrasonic Transducer / Converter
    We offer a full line of transducer components Group1band assemblies to address most applications. Standard products include:

    • Welding transducers and components
    • Cleaning transducers and components
    • General purpose power transducers
    • Submersible arrays in box or tub form for cleaning and Sonochemistry
    • Submersible bar transducers for cleaning and Sonochemistry
    • Special transducer assemblies for driving large masses, odd shaped loads, or tubular forms.20kstack1a
  • Ultrasonic Processor for Liquids (High Intensity Tip)
    Our high intensity liquid processor line may be used in the laboratory or for high power
    industrial liquid processing applications: ( ultrasonic sonicator )

    • Nano particle processing
    • Wastewater processing
    • Laboratory or Industrial Sonoreactors
    • Cell Disruption and Homogenizing
    • Specialty cleaning
  • Long Bar Ultrasonic ProcessorSP40k-1b
    Our bar devices deliver 360° radial energy across the length of the active bar. These elements are used in laboratory or high power industrial liquid processing applications. We offer a range of frequencies, bar diameters and lengths (200 mm to 1,200 mm) to fit various reactor types. Power options from 300 watts to 2,200 watts. Some applications for this product include:

    • Wastewater processing
    • Laboratory or Industrial Sonoreactors
    • Cell Disruption and Homogenizing
    • Specialty cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Bath (20 kHz to 120 kHz)Industrial cleaning or BathBot3xTrans3csonochemical applications.Our baths are constructed of high quality Stainless Steel.
    • Custom systems available for special size, special power density, special shapes.
  • Megasonic BathBath20l_a_small
    Megasonic Baths (400 kHz, 750 kHz, 1 MHz) for silicon wafer cleaning, sensitive electronics, ultra-fine parts cleaning, and sonochemical applications.